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2.0 Scope

a) Provide aesthetic and performance standards for various countertop materials including but not limited to plastic-laminate clad (decorative laminate/HPDL), solid surface, epoxy resin, natural and engineered stone, solid and veneered wood, and solid phenolic.

2.1 Included

a) Product as specified under CSI MasterFormat Division:

  • 12 36 00 Countertops

b) Product as specified under Division 6 and Division 12 of a project’s contract documents.

c) Factory attachment of specified integral sink bowls

2.2 Not Included

a) Installation of Product

b) Furnishing of sink rims or sinks not listed above

c) Structural components, grounds, in-wall blocking, backer, furring, brackets, or other anchorage that become an integral part of the building’s walls, floors, or ceilings are not furnished or installed under the scope of this standard’s requirements.