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Reach your full potential as an interior architectural woodwork manufacturer, supplier, industry company, or associate with the exclusive opportunities of an AWI Membership.

Access AWI Standards Refine Your Skills

Build Your Network

By following our comprehensive AWI Standards, you guarantee quality and consistency for your clients in every woodworking project. Our industry-leading education, training, and publications give you the tools to constantly improve your knowledge and abilities. Connect with hundreds of talented woodworkers, architects, suppliers, specifiers and affiliates through our extensive networking sessions and events.

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Gain a competitive advantage in the construction industry

Your AWI Membership reassures clients of your commitment to excellence in interior architectural woodworking. This makes you a standout choice among your competitors, giving you an advantage in winning lucrative bids.

Discuss and resolve the issues your company is facing

The collective knowledge and experience of the AWI Member community helps you navigate unfamiliar or unexpected obstacles to your success. You also receive priority technical assistance from our expert support team to assist you in your interior architectural woodworking projects.

Choose Your AWI Membership

For a business that fabricates and installs architectural woodwork, all exposed woodwork, and special laminates or other materials.

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For a business that supplies raw materials, products, or services to architectural woodwork manufacturers.

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For a business that provides architectural woodwork manufactured or supplied by others.

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For individuals who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of architectural woodwork.

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“The collective knowledge that the people have and also the content of the seminars that AWI provides is phenomenal! ”

- Delon Shetler, Heartland Stairways VP of Operations

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When you become an AWI member, you join a supportive community of talented woodworking industry professionals. Together, we share, learn, and cooperate to create even greater opportunities for success.

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