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AWIEF Academic Grant Program

Each year, we offer up to $100,000 in grant funding to technical schools to help them better educate and train the next generation of woodworkers.

The Architectural Woodwork Institute Education Foundation (AWIEF) Academic Grant Program is committed to awarding a $1,000,000 multi-year grant over the next decade, with a potential $2,000,000 impact on the industry.

rotary saw cutting wood
rotary saw cutting wood

Eligibility Criteria

AWIEF grants are available to not-for-profit secondary and post-secondary schools with a qualified architectural woodworking program. These schools must also show critical development in technology and skills used in producing architectural woodwork.

Architectural woodwork refers to any custom-made wood that's left exposed when a build is finished, such as cabinets, doors, panels, and standing and running trim. This excludes specialty items such as flooring, shingles, exposed roof decking, ceiling, siding, overhead-type doors, and structural wood trusses and rafters.

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Application Schedule and Deadlines

  • Open Grant Application Period | October 1-March 31
  • Application Evaluation | April
  • Notification of Grant Recipient | June
  • Distribution of Grant Funds | July
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Acceptable use of funds

Grant funds can be used for:

  • Technology
  • Equipment
  • Facility improvements

Exclusions: Consumables, materials, and supplies.

Distribution of Funds

Up to $100,000 in grant funding is available each year.

Distribution Requests

$10,000 or under - Match encouraged, but not required.

Over $10,000 — 100% match required

Note: Match equals cash or in-kind donation

Application Process

Please download and complete the AWIEF Academic Grant Program application form. Then, email your completed form to Doug Hague at [email protected].

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